After four decades of leadership in the senior housing industry, Greg Roderick knows exactly what a fulfilling and satisfying senior community looks like and how to deliver impactful experiences to his residents. As the President and CEO of Frontier Management, a leading senior housing facility management company and Caddis operating partner, he is dedicated to aligning the tenets of best-in-class senior housing communities to the unique needs of each resident.

The partnership between Caddis and Frontier Management is straightforward. Caddis develops or acquires the facilities and Frontier manages the staffing and senior care. What adds complexity to their relationship is building an operating framework that achieves business objectives and improves quality of life and community engagement.

“Working with Caddis has been fabulous,” Roderick said. “We look for partners and clients that want us to be very involved…but not heavy-handed to the point where they’re telling us what to do. They’re open to our suggestions and we’re open to theirs. Caddis fits that model.”

According to Roderick, providing residents with a stimulating environment to engage with their community to create optimal quality of life is what sets their communities apart. Frontier’s approach to providing customer care includes relevant life enrichment activities programs, delicious high-level dining and a commitment to attractive, well-maintained communities — all administered with a personal approach tailored to each resident’s needs. Caddis actively collaborates with Frontier to help create facilities that reinforce innovation and excellence in patient care.

Success of the Caddis/Frontier partnership is in large part garnered by mutual trust, each focusing on delivering their expertise to the equation and collaborating to drive positive outcomes. Caddis is “…very enthusiastic about taking some of our suggestions and immediately implementing them,” Roderick said. “Some examples might be fitness rooms that are truly fitness rooms. Not like the fitness rooms at budget hotels, that’s a closet with a bike in it — they’re real fitness rooms with large TVs on mirrored walls, senior-friendly exercise equipment and everything done just right.”

Opened in May 2016, the Heartis Waco community managed by Frontier exemplifies the type of facility that fulfills Roderick’s vision for advanced senior living. He sees the necessity for communities to move beyond stereotypical activities of the past, like bingo games and sing-alongs. By erasing stigmas about senior living and instead actively engaging their residents’ true interests, Roderick’s management team identifies gaps in lifestyle and fills them with community initiatives and programs.

“For example, we had a happy hour at our community in Waco, Texas…They’re enjoying life, and family members are having a great time with the residents. Meanwhile, the caregivers are tidying up their apartments and getting other tasks done behind the scenes. You don’t know what’s going on behind that wall, but we’re actively getting chores done to make their hospitality environment far better.”

Roderick embraces the responsibility of caring for and creating vibrant, meaningful lifestyles for residents of his communities. Developing stimulating services, nurturing environments and maintaining resident satisfaction requires a motivated, dedicated team. Roderick and Frontier have found a willing, likeminded partner in Caddis.

“We started off doing a handful of buildings together, and around the last four months, they’ve brought five more buildings over to us,” Roderick said. “We’ve also broken ground on two more together. Not only have they fulfilled their original intent, to develop and grow these together, but they doubled down with us and made plans to do more. They’ve really shown their commitment to us and us to them.”

Growing the partnership is a priority for both teams. Roderick explains, “we have added a lot of infrastructure from a support system standpoint…showing them that we’re going to make the human capital, financial and time commitments to their portfolio.” Caddis has reciprocated the effort and shares Roderick’s desire to expand, stating “they allow me to jointly go in and co-invest with them. That’s great, because now we’re really together and we’re looking at everything on an equal playing field. We can’t help but feel good about them.”